Registered logo

The “Rooted. Green. Vital.” logo is a registered trademark developed by Oregon Aglink, and designed by Anton Kimball, in October 2010. Since its registration in February 2012, it’s been used by Oregon Aglink in communicating with urban Oregonians about Oregon agriculture. It’s “Rooted. Green. Vital.” message is a sentiment that describes the relationship of Oregon agriculture to the state of Oregon.


“Rooted.” relates that Oregon agriculture is rooted in Oregon’s history. For Oregon Trail pioneers, the fertile soils of the Willamette Valley laid the foundation for a state where more than 12 percent of the economy still comes from the farmers and ranchers who provide the food and fiber we all enjoy.


“Green.” refers to sustainability practices that are at the forefront of Oregon agriculture’s decisions and actions. As technology evolves, farmers and ranchers are steadily reducing the use of energy and water needed to produce, while embracing practices that benefit fish, wildlife and native wetlands. Through their efforts, farmers and ranchers are helping conserve resources for future generations.


“Vital” relates that Oregon agriculture is vital to Oregon’s future. Civilization began with agriculture, and human society was forever changed when ancestors settled and began growing their own food. Most of the urban world has forgotten this fundamental connection, and humanity’s fundamental dependence on agriculture is often overlooked. The simple truth is that Oregon’s farmers and ranchers are vital to the survival of all Oregonians.