SAIF Corporation is a not-for-profit, state-chartered workers’ compensation insurance company in Oregon. Issuing almost half of the policies in Oregon and providing coverage to more than 600,000 workers, they have a presence across the entire state with 8 regional offices. Learn how being an Oregon Aglink member can qualify you for a discount on your workers’ compensation insurance.

SAIF Training Calendar – Free to policyholders, first-come, first-serve trainings held around the state.

SAIF Employer Guide – Login to your account to check your policy profile, check a claim profile, pay your premium online, issue or renew your certificates of insurance, review and file payroll reports, and more.

SAIF Forms Library – Find any form you may need from return-to-work to accident and incident reports.

SAIF Publications – Numerous documents available to download as PDFs.

SAIF Video Library – Below is a list of videos available to be checked out by policyholders from SAIF:

  • Agriculture vehicle operation safety
  • Cattle handling in meat plants
  • Cattle handling principles to reduce stress
  • Dairy safety
  • Groundskeeping safety: be a pro!
  • Handling of pigs
  • In control: ATV and farm utility vehicle safety (English & Spanish)
  • Load and lift (English & Spanish)
  • Danger: chain saw
  • Logging safety: loading and unloading logs [VHS]
  • Mechanical harvesting safety [VHS]
  • Orientation to ag back injury prevention
  • Orientation to ag vehicle safety (English & Spanish) [VHS]
  • Orientation to nursery safety [VHS]
  • Orientation to orchard safety
  • Orientation to packinghouse safety (English & Spanish) [VHS]
  • Reducing Pesticide Risks: An Interactive Program for Training Pesticide Handlers
  • Safe operation and use of all-terrain vehicles
  • Safety in the logging woods: fellerbuncher operations [VHS]
  • Safety in the logging woods: log landing & log yard operations [VHS]
  • The cutting edge of safety [VHS]
  • Pesticide safety training for pesticide workers
  • Pesticide Safety: Worker Protection
  • Pesticide training for agricultural employees
  • Tractor safety elements (English & Spanish)
  • Tripod orchard ladder safety (English and Spanish)
  • Understanding ATV stability (English & Spanish)
  • Violence and sexual harassment in the workplace (English & Spanish)
  • Working smarter…not harder