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Farm Shop Safety: Improving Your Odds
By Oregon Aglink and SAIF
DVD [English or Spanish]

Our new safety video series addresses seven common problem areas around the typical farm shop and offers suggestions for preventing injuries and improving safety.

Agriculture ranks among the nation’s most hazardous industries. According to the CDC, 374 people died in 2012 from farmwork-related injuries. An estimated 14,000 young people were injured on farms. One of the audiences SAIF is hoping to reach with the farm shop series is FFA students.

Think: Make Safe Choices
By Oregon Aglink and OR-OSHA

With the help of a grant received through OR-OSHA, Oregon Aglink produced a bilingual safety video designed to promote a discussion between managers and employees about making safe decisions while working in potentially dangerous environments.

According to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, 12.1% of all work-related fatalities in Oregon between 2002 and 2006 occurred in agriculture.  At the request of Oregon Aglink, SAIF Corporation prepared a report for the same period of time that shows 14,442 claims were made resulted in 207,238 time-loss days. The total incurred loss equaled $79,714,381, or $5,520 per claim.  Our goal is to reduce this terrible human and economic burden on the agri-business community.

Many safety experts believe that a majority of all work-related accidents in the United States are directly correlated to behavioral practices of people.  This new DVD fills the need for training material that encourages less risk-taking behavior across the full range of daily activities.  There are four specific scenes, representative of activities that occur commonly in Oregon agriculture.  From these scenes, we can all learn to recognize risk-taking situations and make better choices about how our work is done.

Understanding ATV Stability
By Oregon Aglink and SAIF
DVD [English and Spanish]

ATVs have become useful tools on Oregon farms, but they are also powerful and potentially dangerous vehicles. Between 2002 and 2012 SAIF Corporation received 414 injury claims related to ATV accidents, costing a total of $11,100,000 — an average cost of $27,000 per claim. Of those claims, five were fatalities. Our goal is to see this number go down.

Oregon Aglink, with the help of SAIF , Edgard Antonio Garcia of EAG Language Services and Kirk Lloyd of Risk Management Resources, has produced an ATV safety video that emphasizes the importance of being an active rider and illustrates other safe practices for operating ATVs. The video demonstrates active riding techniques to improve ATV stability and provides practical safety tips to reduce injuries.

Tractor Safety Elements
By Oregon Aglink and SAIF
DVD [English and Spanish]

A significant percentage of agricultural injuries and fatalities occur on and around tractors.

Oregon Aglink, with the help of SAIF, has produced a tractor safety video that covers the nine safety elements OR-OSHA requires every ag employer to review with their tractor drivers at least annually. Safety issues unique to the equipment and work environment are also discussed.

Tractor Safety Video
By the West Virginia University Injury Control Research Center
According to the National Safety Council, rollovers have been the leading cause of tractor operator deaths for the past two decades. Learn the importance of installing Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS), as well as wearing seat-belts and exercising caution when operating a tractor.

Industrial and Agricultural Mower Safety Practices
by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers
(Spanish or English) + Written Manual (Spanish or English)
A video on the safe use of many different types of mowers, including standard rotary cutters, the big “batwing” cutters and the disc mowers used in forage harvesting. In addition to the video, there are a handful of bilingual written manuals, including: tractor safety, disc mowers and general safety with mowers. There is also another safety manual for disc mowers that includes mower-conditions and self-propelled windrowers, available in English only.