Below is a list of agriculture association in the state of Oregon. If you see a discrepancy or would like your association listed, please contact Allison Cloo, Programs Coordinator at 503-595-9121 x103.

Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers
Jean Godfrey, Executive Director
(541) 387-4769

Oregon Cattle Women, Inc.
Katharine Jackson, President

Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
Jerome Rosa, Executive Director
(503) 361-8941

Oregon Dairy Industries
Reitha McCabe, Executive Secretary
541 264-5882

Oregon Dairy Women
Jill Hewitt, President

Oregon Hereford Association
Linda Sims, President
(541) 990-8038

Oregon League of Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association
Muriel Keyes, President

Oregon Meat Goat Producers
Stacey Rumgay, President
(503) 682-1875

Oregon Pork Producers Council
Shawn Blodgett, President
(541) 891-9848

Oregon Quarter Horse Racing Association
Chris Philbrook, Vice Chair
(503) 743-2528

Oregon Simmental Association
Gary Hafner, President
(503) 585-5449

Oregon Sheep Growers Association
Tom Nichols
(503) 364-5462

Oregon State Beekeepers Association
Harry Vanderpool, President

Oregon Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association
Lynnelle Fox Smith, Executive Director
(503) 285-0658

Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association
Sheri Nolan, Executive Secretary
(509) 585-5460

Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee
Candi Fitch, Executive Director
(208) 722-5111

Idaho-Oregon Fruit and Vegetable Association
Candi Fitch, Executive Director
(208) 722-5111

Idaho-Eastern Oregon Seed Association (IEOSA)
Roger Batt, Executive Director
(208) 888-0988

Western Alfalfa Seed Growers Association
(509) 585-5460

Oregon Christmas Tree Growers Association

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
Mark Schmidlin, President
(503) 364-2942

Oregon Essential Oil Growers League
Bryan Ostlund, Contact

Central Oregon Hay Growers Association
Greg Mohnen, President
(541) 923-2849

Oregon Hay and Forage Association
Greg Mohnen, President
(541) 419-5339

Oregon Seed Association
Angie Blacker, Executive Director
(503) 685-7555

Oregon Seed Council
Roger Beyer, Executive Director
(503) 585-1157

Oregon Seed Growers League
Bryan Ostlund, Executive Director
(503) 364-1673

Oregon Wheat Growers League (OWGL)
Sally Christensen, Member Services Director
(541) 276-7330

Associated Oregon Hazelnut Industries
Polly Owen, Director
(503) 678-6823

Nut Growers Society of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia
Grant Allen, Administrator
(503) 678-6823

Oregon Wine Board
Tom Danowski, President
(503) 228-8336

Oregon Winegrowers Association
Tom Danowski, CEO
(503) 228-8336

Oregon Association of Nurseries, Inc.
Jeff Stone, Executive Director
(503) 682-5089

Oregon State University Extension Offices
(541) 737-2713

Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences
(541) 737-2331

Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon
Misty Slagle, Executive Secretary

Dave Dillon, Chair
3415 Commercial Street SE, Suite 117
Salem, OR 97302-5169

Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation
Janice Reed, Director of Development
(503) 399-1701

Oregon Agricultural Legal Foundation
Dave Dillon, Executive Vice President
(503) 399-1701

Oregon Brewers Guild
Dan Engler, President
(971) 270-0965

Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council
Pete Kent, Executive Director
(503) 229-5033

Oregon Fairs Association
Kelly Ross, Executive Secretary
(503) 924-1181

Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association
Spencer Masterson, President

Oregon Grain & Feed Association, Inc.
Marvin Kropf, Executive Secretary
(541) 521-9087

Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association
Marjerie Sedam, Director
(503) 227-0234

Oregon FFA Association
Lee Letsch, Executive Secretary
(541) 737-2395

Oregon Fresh Market Growers Association
Bob McReynolds, Contact
(503) 678-1264

Oregon Rural Action
Marc Sanson, Executive Director
(541) 975-2411

Oregon Seed Trade Association
Angie Blacker, Executive Director
(503) 685-7555

Oregon State Grange
Jay Sexton, Agriculture Director
(541) 929-5452

Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT)
Sean Ragain, President

Oregon Tilth, Inc.
Chris Schreiner, Executive Director
(503) 378-0690

Oregon Women for Agriculture
Debbie Crocker, President
(503) 243-FARM (3276)

Oregon Farm Bureau Federation
Dave Dillon, Executive Vice President
(503) 399-1701

Oregon Water Resources Congress
April Snell, Executive Director
(503) 363-0121